Lagrange interpolation

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Constructs a polynomial of degree [math]\displaystyle{ n }[/math] through [math]\displaystyle{ n+1 }[/math] given points. Points can be added by clicking on "Add point". The dotted line is the graph of the first derivative, the dashed line is the graph of the second derivative.


The underlying JavaScript code

var board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('box', {boundingbox: [-5, 10, 7, -6], axis: true});

var p = [];
p[0] = board.create('point', [-1,2], {size:4});
p[1] = board.create('point', [3,-1], {size:4});
var f = JXG.Math.Numerics.lagrangePolynomial(p);
var graph = board.create('functiongraph', [f,-10, 10], {strokeWidth:3});
var d1 = board.create('functiongraph', [JXG.Math.Numerics.D(f), -10, 10], {dash:1});
var d2 = board.create('functiongraph', [JXG.Math.Numerics.D(JXG.Math.Numerics.D(f)), -10, 10], {dash:2});

function addPoint() {