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   delta = 0.1; // global
   delta = 0.3; // global
   t = 0.0;  // global
   t = 0.0;  // global

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Simulation of differential equations with turtle graphics using JSXGraph.

SIR model without vital dynamics

A single epidemic outbreak is usually far more rapid than the vital dynamics of a population, thus, if the aim is to study the immediate consequences of a single epidemic, one may neglect the birth-death processes. In this case the SIR system described above can be expressed by the following set of differential equations:

[math] \frac{dS}{dt} = - \beta I S [/math]
[math] \frac{dR}{dt} = \gamma I [/math]
[math] \frac{dI}{dt} = -(dS+dR) [/math]

The lines in the JSXGraph-simulation below have the following meaning:

* Blue: Rate of susceptible population
* Red: Rate of infected population
* Green: Rate of recovered population (which means: immune, isolated or dead)