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It is possible to supply user-defined defined functions for certain events. The user-defined functions are called additionally to the default JSXGraph events. For the events "down" and "up" the user-supplied event handlers are called before the default JSXGraph event handler. For the event "update" the user-supplied handler is called after the default JSXGraph event handler which is an update of the board.

A user-supplied event handler can be defined by the method "on":

   var p = board.create('point',[1,1]);
   p.on('update', function(e, i){ /* do something ... */);

The possible events are

  • drag, mousedrag, touchdrag
  • move, mousemove, touchmove
  • over, mouseover
  • out, mouseout
  • up, mouseup, touchend
  • down, mousedown, touchstart


<p id="myOutput">&nbsp;</p>
var brd = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox',{boundingbox:[-4,4,4,-4], keepaspectratio:true});
var myPoint = brd.create('point',[1,1], {size:5, fixed: true});
myPoint.on('over', function(e){
    document.getElementById('myOutput').innerHTML = "Point ";
myPoint.on('out', function(e){
    document.getElementById('myOutput').innerHTML = '&nbsp;';

var myPoint2 = brd.create('point',[-1,1], {size:5});
myPoint2.on('over', function(e){
    document.getElementById('myOutput').innerHTML = "Point ";
myPoint2.on('out', function(e){
    document.getElementById('myOutput').innerHTML = '&nbsp;';