Release of 0.99.7

Major new release

Here it is: The much awaited version 0.99.7 of JSXGraph has been released! There are a few new elements and many new features. We are especially happy that we received many requests for new features from active JSXGraph users.

New elements

Improvements and bug fixes

  • In Chrome and Edge on Windows point events are used.
  • JSXGraph is now compatible to require.js. This allows a seamless integration into learning management system moodle via the JSXGraph filter.
  • MediaWiki plug-in works again.
  • Improved support for MathJax.
  • Some elements can be constructed by supplying an original element and an arbitrary transformation as parent elements: these are point, line, circle, polygon, arc, sector, angle. The resulting elements are point, line, polygon if the input elements were point, line, polygon, resp. The output element is a conic in for circles and curves for arc, sector and angle.
  • New default values for pinch / zoom: for zoom shift+wheel is set to true by default now.
  • Improved output from Dump.toJavaScript()
  • Polygon reflection now creates vertex names A', B', …
  • Enable transformation “rotate” of type [angle, [x,y]].
  • The events hit and mousehit work again.
  • The attribute hasInnerPoints is available for all arc types: arc, sector, angle.
  • New curve attributes recursionDepthLow and recursionDepthHigh allow user controlled plot quality.
  • The inequality element takes now also the functiongraph element as input.
  • Screenshot button.


  • The attribute JXG.Option.semicirclearc.midpoint has been renamed into

We thank all contributors which supplied patches, bug reports and suggestions for improvements.

For a full list of all changes see the CHANGELOG.

Enjoy, Alfred