Mathematical functions

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Functions of the JavaScript Object Math

The following functions are part of every JavaScript virtual machine:

  • Math.abs;
  • Math.acos;
  • Math.asin;
  • Math.atan;
  • Math.ceil;
  • Math.cos;
  • Math.exp;
  • Math.floor;
  • Math.log;
  • Math.max;
  • Math.min;
  • Math.random;
  • Math.sin;
  • Math.sqrt;
  • Math.tan;

JSXGraph expands the set of available mathematical functions. These functions are part of the JXG.Math namespace which itself contains several namespaces like JXG.Math.Numerics and JXG.Math.Geometry. Here is an excerpt of what can be found in JSXGraph, for a full list please consult our reference:

  • JXG.Math.Geometry.angle(A, B, C): for Point objects A, B, C. (A: name string, id string or object pointer)
  • JXG.Math.Geometry.rad(A, B, C)
  • JXG.Math.Geometry.distance(arr1, arr2): Euclidean distane between two vectors
  • JXG.Math.pow(a, b): [math]\displaystyle{ a^b }[/math] for floating point value of b. Math.pow is defined for integer values of b', only.
  • JXG.Math.cosh(x)
  • JXG.Math.sinh(x)
  • JXG.Math.Numerics.D(f): Numerically computed derivative of the function f, returns a function.
  • JXG.Math.Numerics.I(interval,f): Numerically computed v alue integral of the function f in the given interval.
  • JXG.Math.Numerics.root(f,x): root of the function f. Uses Newton method with start value x.
  • JXG.Math.factorial(n): computes [math]\displaystyle{ n! = n\cdot(n-1)\cdots2\cdot 1 }[/math].
  • JXG.Math.Numerics.lagrangePolynomial(p): returns a function which describes the Lagrange polynomial through the points in the array p.
  • JXG.Math.Numerics.Neville(p): returns the parent array which describes the polynomial curve through the points in the array p.