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Click here, to start animation 1 Click here, to start animation 2

The JavaScript code

<span onClick="p.visit([-1.5,-1.5],1000,2)" style="color:blue">Click here, to start animation 1</span>
<span onClick="p.moveTo([-1.5,1.5],1000)" style="color:red">Click here, to start animation 2</span>
<jsxgraph width="500" height="500">
brd = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox',{boundingbox:[-2,2,2,-2], keepaspectratio:true, axis:true});
p = brd.createElement('point',[1.5,1.5],{face:'o', size:8, strokeColor:'red', fillOpacity:0.6, strokeOpacity: 0.6});